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  •   2019 Bench Copy Antique Edition of 1740 Guarneri del Gesu "Ex-Heifetz"

    • Body Length: 354 mm. Upper Bout: 165 mm. Center Bout: 110 mm. Lower Bout: 205 mm.. Exact Copy

    • Vintage European spruce, naturally seasoned over 12 yrs. One piece exotic maple, premium rare look!

    • Premium Antique golde brown varnish, tone oriented hand applied.

    • Pro set up with Aubert bridge and Tonica string, ready to play!

    • shipped with FREE oblong foam case

  • Bench Copy Antique Guarneri del Gesu 1740 "ex-Heifetz" Violin
  • Actual photo and performance audio clip, see and hear what you will get.

    First choice for "working musicians" and advanced players! A carefully built "Ex-Heifetz" 1740 Guarneri copy using aging spruce for a ringing warm sweet tone with opn projection and the true Guarneri vibe! One piece exquisite maple. Warm and sweet tone the audio clip represents, loud projection that brings easy playability!

    Deep, "moving" G string with warm, open voice. Sweet mid register. Singing E string that speaks with a rounded definition. Everything advanced player ask for a well built Antique Guarneri copy.
Bench Copy Antique Guarneri del Gesu 1740 "ex-Heifetz" Violin