• Price:
  • USD$599.00
  • Model:
  • • New Italian replica antique edition of original 1716 Antonio Stradivarius "Messiah"

    • Body Length: 356 mm. Upper Bout: 167 mm. Center Bout: 108 mm. Lower Bout: 208 mm..

    • Selected AA spruce and flame maple, 8 plus years old naturally seasoned.

    • Classic Italian antique golden brown varnish, tone oriented.

    • Pro set up with Tonica string, German Aubert bridge.
  • Italian Replica Antique Antonio stradivarius 1716 "Messiah"
  • Actual photo and performance audio clip, see and hear what you will get.

    An accurate "Messiah" strad copy with a warm, open, and round voice, extremely rare at this price range! Professionally set up with high end playability. Open sweet higher register that speaks with a smooth projection, very open and pleasant to hear tone. Great volume on G string with a solid and firm bass. A loud sounding strad that built with seriousness, at very affordable price.
Italian Replica Antique Antonio stradivarius 1716 "Messiah"