Master Build Deluxe Wood #335 Guarneri del Gesu 1743 “Cannone”


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• Master Build Series deluxe wood #335, individual master work.

• 1:1 Exact copy of Guarneri Del Gesu 1743 “Cannone.” Crafted by Master luthier Leon Sheng.

• Top graded European spruce and two piece highly flame maple back, attributed to original Cannone Guarneri.

• Body Length: 354 mm. Upper Bout: 168 mm. Center Bout: 111 mm. Lower Bout: 207 mm.

• Artistic distress oil varnish, all imported varnishing material.

• Premium package Set up : Evah Pirazzi strings and Aubert Bridge. Professionally cut and acoustically tuned bridge and sound post.

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Master Build deluxe wood #335  “Cannone” Guarneri del Gesu, featuring premium graded European spruce and gorgeou two piece flame maple beck attributes to original Cannone. Crafted based on original “Cannone” del Gesu pattern, scroll, with attention to original arching and slightly thick back, to achieve the deep, thick del Gesu voice. Master hand distressed varnish based on the original pattern wear, a true performance violin with high collectable value.

Dark, rich tone that makes easy emotional connection as the video/audio clip represents. A “forgiving” sounding Guarneri that delivers power and deep, open tone. Fully projected, warm and open G string with good depth and easy to push. Rich and ringing response that projects well and handles different bow strokes well. Brilliant rounded higher register string that sings big and smooth. A loud sounding violin that sings with warm projection for advanced to professional usage.