Private Stock Classic #148 Guarneri del Gesu 1737 “King Joseph”


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• Private Stock Classic Edition, Crafted based on Guarneri del Gesu 1737 “King Joseph”

• Acoustically plate tuned using the Hutchins method.

20 yrs old Alps Italian spruce and  rare one piece European maple, attributes to the original.

• Body length: 352 mm. Upper Bout: 165 mm. Center Bout: 109 mm. Lower Bout: 204 mm

Italian reddish brown oil varnish, tasteful medium antique.

• Premium package Set up : Evah Pirazzi strings. Aubert deluxe bridge. Professionally cut bridge and sound post. Deluxe Boxwood fitting.

*This private stock has been endorsed and used from renowned violinists, to conservatory students. Expect best sound quality and playability at maker direct price!

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performance grade “King Joseph” Guarneri del Gesu that sings with full projection and fast, easy response. 20 yrs old Alps/Italian spruce and one piece exquisite maple. Lab tested using the Hutchins plate tuning method, including density matching on top and back,  arching/thickness/graduation acoustically tuned for max projection and resonance. Reddish brown antique varnish with Italian golden brown ground coat. Full, deep open sounding with thick texture on G string. Big powerful projection that speaks freely and responsively. Mellow, sweet and resonant voice in the mid register, rich character that sings in a rounded tone. Brilliant and penetrating tone on E string, wonderful overtone that projects with great sustain. A warm sounding violin represents the finest tonal character of del Gesu with super easy playability, one of the best acoustically designed Guarneri pattern of all time.