Private Stock VSA Competition Antonio Stradivarius 1690, the ‘Theodor’


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• Private Stock VSA Competition Edition, crafted by 2018 VSA Merit of tone winner in total competition standard.

• Crafted based on Antonio Stradivarius 1690 the “Theodor”

30 yrs old Bearclaw Italian spruce and extremely rare one piece Bosnian maple, attributes to the original.

• Body Length: 356 mm. Upper Bout: 168 mm. Center Bout: 112 mm. Lower Bout: 208 mm. 

Italian amber/reddish oil varnish, tasteful medium antique.

• Premium package Set up : Evah Pirazzi/Goldbrokat E string.  Aubert deluxe bridge. Professionally cut bridge and sound post. Deluxe rosewood fitting.

*This private stock has been endorsed and used from renowned violinists, to conservatory students. Expect best sound quality and playability at maker direct price!

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The very finest tonewood material crafted by our award winning luthier ( 2018 VSA Merit for tone ), in total competition standard: 30 yrs old Italian spruce with the bear claw pattern ( the most sought after spruce for tone production ), with extremely rare one piece Bosnian maple that attributes to the original 1690 the “Theodor” strad. Tonewood alone would easily exceed 2k USD. TOTAL 6 MONTHS making time, done in strict competition manner, to represent true caliber of award winning instrument.

A  huge sounding violin with massive projection and volume, easily a soloist instrument that can compete with most “modern” competition violins, still containing much of the “strad” sweetness and warmth. Superb vibrant voice that one can feel the resonance from the body instantly, even with light stroke on open strings. Deep, warm, vibrant voice at the ear, with a clear penetrating tone in distance. Bearing maker’s original set up that delivers extremely easy playability.

While our private stock VSA series instruments are used by professionals and serious collectors worldwide, this competition edition showcases the very finest instrument in terms of material usage, workmanship, and unmatched tone in similar price range, as we price at maker direct cost. Ready to play and worldwide delivery.