Italian Replica Antique Antonio Stradivarius 1716 “Messiah” Custom made


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Italian replica antique edition of original 1716 Antonio Stradivarius “Messiah” custom made, one available!

• Body Length: 356 mm. Upper Bout: 167 mm. Center Bout: 108 mm. Lower Bout: 208 mm..

• Selected AA spruce and one piece highly flamed maple, 8 plus years old naturally seasoned.

• Classic Italian antique golden brown varnish, tone oriented.

• Pro set up with Tonica string, Aubert bridge. Upgraded boxwood fitting.

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*Custom made Italian replica featuring one piece exquisite flamed maple, and upgraded boxwood fitting. Only one available, super deal!

A superior “Messiah” strad copy with mellow and projective tone with fast response, extremely rare at this price range! Professionally set up with high end playability, superior power and projection that will surprise you at this price range. Ringing higher register that projects well and not overly bright, open and pleasant to hear. Bold and resonant G string with a deep open tone. A projective sounding strad that built with seriousness, at very affordable price.