About Us

About Us

Our Story

Infinite Strings was established in 2005 as a manufacturer in Los Angeles, US, supplying quality, well crafted instruments to the US string market. With a solid background from violin making school, several of our top luthiers are also trained by some renowned US makers, and won international violin making competition in the later years. In 2012, US workshop established and took over much of the key works such as set up, varnish, and plate tuning.

Our Passion

Our true passion lies within the crafting of our high-quality instruments: from the stocking and selection of tonewood to pattern study and working with arching and graduation, to fine-tuning each instrument to its best acoustic ability. Being involved in every step of the journey allows us to fully control the final outcome, and assure that all instruments meet our standards of excellence.

Our Customers

Many of our instruments are acquired by serious collectors and professional musicians. Throughout the last decade, a large portion of our handcrafted violins have been purchased by internationally renowned soloists, gracing their collections, and in many cases, serving as their main instruments for performances. Our true-to-original historical copies have become very popular among serious amateur players as well as collectors, due to their elite tonewood workmanship, and close to the vintage-correct sound. We are also happy to regularly provide students, parents, and instructors with instruments for educational usage through our Academic Program.

Our Service

Since 2008, we have successfully delivered over 2000 instruments worldwide to various stage of players. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced collector, our musician and luthier staff can easily facilitate the gap between makers and players, by providing an accurate description and in-depth overview of each instrument. We strive to provide the most quality instruments that bring our customers immeasurable enjoyment.