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Infinite Strings was established in 2005 as a manufacturer, supplying quality, crafted instruments to the US string market. With a solid background from violin making school, several of our top luthiers are also trained by some renowned US makers, and won international violin making competition in the later years. In 2008, we launched our global online direct sales with a simple goal in mind: to provide the highest-level quality of instruments at the most affordable prices. In 2012, US workshop established and took over much of the key works such as set up, varnish, and plate tuning.

Over a decade, we have been honored to serve string players all over the world, from renowned soloists, professional orchestral players, to serious amateur collectors/players and academic students. What sets us apart from the majority of the market is our dedication to the actual making, and sound of the instruments: from tone wood selection, varnish ingredients, and the acoustic design on each pattern, our main focus is always making better playing and sounding violin, at any given price point that the majority musicians can afford.

So whether you are an experienced player with expert knowledge of the instruments, or a first-time buyer just learning the violin, we will provide exceptionally made instruments that match your needs and expand your enjoyment for many years to come.

Welcome to Infinite Strings!

See and hear to believe!

Each of our crafted instruments is recorded or videotaped individually so you’ll never have to question the sound quality of our violins!