2021 VMAAI Competition Gold medals Winning Strad Pattern Wayne.Z.


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**Gold medals winning violin of 2021 VMAAI violin making competition, modeled after golden era strad pattern, made by our top luthier Wayn Zhao.
**Gold medal of Gut String Violin Overall Score.
**Gold medal of Gut String Violin Workmanship.
**Bill Barnitz “Grand Champion Best in Show”  Award.


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A  gold medals winning violin of 2021 VMAAI Violin competition, crafted by our top luthier Wayne Zhao. 

Gold medal of Gut String Violin Overall Score

Gold medal of Gold medal of Gut String Violin Workmanship

Bill Barnitz “Grand Champion Best in Show” award.

Modeled after golden era Stradivarius pattern with maker’s own personal touch. Italian spruce and Bosnian maple that have been naturally dried 30-40 yrs. Astonishing oil antique varnish that truly deserved the gold medal of workmanship and varnish. “Historically correct” arching design that usually can be only seen on old Cremonese instruments, which brings a warm, rich sound and clear projection in distance. One of the finest modern instruments that brings a total vintage voice and appearance, yet at affordable price for professionals and serious collectors.

*Sale of this instrument will also include hard copies of gold medal certificates.