Private Stock Custom Antonio Stradivarius 1716 “Messiah” by Wayne Z


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**Personally crafted by VMAAI gold medalist Wayne Zhou,
**Exact Copy of Antonio Stradivarius 1716 “Messiah”, matching tone wood selection 
**40 yrs old Italian Spruce and Bosnian maple.


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Custom made “Messiah” Stradivarius 1716 made by our award winning luthier Wayne Zhou ( 2021 VMAAI Gold Medalist ): 40 yrs old Italian spruce and Bosnian maple with flame pattern that matches the original “Messiah” strad, precisely followed the original outline, f hole, corner, and arching. Pristine oil varnish from Old Wood that reflects a transparent reddish orange color, with serious thought into the overall varnish thickness, to bring out an aged vibe as a 300 years old “pristine” instrument.

A sweet, rich sounding violin with extra depth in tone as one would expect from a strad copy. Having a strong core tone that allows aggressive bowing, yet highly responsive and vibrant from low to higher position. EASY to push for a big tone but having the depth that on par with a del Gesu, but  more clarity and brilliant, “soprano voice” in mid to higher register. Warm, resonant tone at the ear and projective in distance even with soft stroke. A total professional level violin in tone and playability, also an art piece attributes to the original “Messiah” strad.

His violins have been used by professionals and serious collectors worldwide, represents an incredible value for both tone and artistry. This violin showcases the very finest instrument in terms of material usage, workmanship, and unmatched tone in similar price range, as we price at maker direct cost. Ready to play and worldwide delivery.