2023 VMAAI Competition Certificate Winning 1714 “Soil” Stradivarius Wayne.Z.


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**Award winning violin of 2023 VMAAI violin making competition, modeled after 1714 Antonio Stradivarius “Soil”, crafted by our top luthier Wayn Zhao.
**Certificate of merit for Violin tone guts strings. ( 3rd place )
**Certificate of merit for Workmanship and Varnish guts strings. ( 3rd place )
**40 years old Italian spruce, 30 years Bosnian maple .
** Exact copy based on Antonio Stradivarius 1714 “Soil”.


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 2023 VMAAI Violin competition winning violin, crafted by our top luthier Wayne Zhao. 

Certificate of merit for Violin tone ( 3rd place )

Certificate of merit for Workmanship and varnish ( 3rd place )

Award winning violin by our top luthier Wayne Zhao, ranked overall 3rd place in 2023 VMAAI violin making competition for tone and workmanship. An exact copy based on Stradivarius 1714 “Soil” pattern, featuring Italian spruce and Bosnian maple that have been naturally dried 30-40 yrs. One of the finest strad copy we have seen from Wayne so far, for both workmanship and tone. Deep, warm and highly resonant, open tone at the ear, having the perfect balance between softness and strength that can go from whispering passage to aggressive bowing at ease. Clear, sweet voice in distance as the audio clip represents, with extra depth than most strad pattern we have came across. Amazingly done oil antique varnish that brings out the vintage vibe as an 300 yrs old violin, with the workmanship can be only seen from violins cost at least twice more. A GREAT CHANCE to own an actual award winning violin at out maker direct price, will come with copies of competition certificates.

*Sale of this instrument will also include hard copies of certificates.