Custom Made Modern Guarneri del Gesu 1743 “Cannone” SE


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• Custom made modern antique copy based on original 1743 Guarneri del Gesu “Cannone.” All time Guarneri grand pattern.

• Entirely made with seasoned European spruce and maple, 10 yrs old.

• Body Length: 354 mm. Upper Bout: 168 mm. Center Bout: 111 mm. Lower Bout: 207 mm

 Professionally hand-tuned plate and bass bar.

• Tone oriented oil varnish for optimal resonance and warmth.

• Pro set up with Dominant string and Aubert bridge.

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Introducing the new Custom Made Modern Edition: the very choice for the advanced player, featuring fine European tonewood and slow-cooked oil varnish, professionally tuned plates and bass bar. Exact Copy based on specific Guarneri pattern, carefully following original arching and overall pattern. A super deal for serious players and collectors who need an elite level instrument, at lowest possible cost!

Deep solid sounding “Cannone” Guarneri with a sweet penetrating tone! Superb refined lower register with a solid, mellow, sonorous tone. A semi-dark tone that sounds deep but still sings with clarity.Professionally hand tuned plate and bassbar to achieve optimal strength and response. Modern Italian golden-brown oil varnish done in light antique style. A PURE player’s violin that delivers fantastic appearance with great power/tone, at a musician-friendly price.