Premium Antique European Guarneri del Gesu 1744 “Ole Bull”


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• Premium antique 2019  European wood edition, exact copy of Guarneri del Gesu 1744 “Ole bull” ( including the scroll )

• Body Length: 353 mm. Upper Bout: 166 mm. Center Bout: 105 mm. Lower Bout: 203 mm.

• AAA seasoned European spruce with matching frequency maple. Master plate tuned for best resonance and projection

• Premium distress antique varnish done in the most historically correct manner. Highly recommend to pro players/collectors!

• Premium set up with Dominant strings and Aubert bridge.

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A 1:1 copy of 1744 “Ole Bull” Guarneri, built with complete set of European tonewood. Dark and ringing tone! Great depth and a warm sweet del Gesu. Matching frequency plate tuned for a superb, resonant tone. Super easy to manage due to the shorter body length ( 353 mm ), fast playability. Mellow and warm tone on the G string, great resonance and easy to response. A warm sounding violin has a thick texture, yet still open and projective for easy playability.Fantastic tone and appearance value, highly recommend for pro/advanced players and