Private Stock Pristine #156 Antonio Stradivarius 1715 “Cremonese”


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• Private Stock Pristine Edition, Crafted based on Antonio Stradivarius 1715 “Cremonese”

• Acoustically plate tuned using the Hutchins method.

20 yrs old Alps Italian spruce and  rare one piece European maple, attributes to the original.

• Body Length: 356 mm. Upper Bout: 168 mm. Center Bout: 112 mm. Lower Bout: 208 mm. 

Italian golden brown pristine oil varnish.

• Premium package Set up : Evah Pirazzi strings. Aubert deluxe bridge. Professionally cut bridge and sound post. Deluxe Boxwood fitting.

*This private stock has been endorsed and used from renowned violinists, to conservatory students. Expect best sound quality and playability at maker direct price!

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A soloist grade “Cremonese” Stradivarius that sings with full projection and DEEP OPEN TONE20 yrs old Alps/Italian spruce and one piece exquisite maple that attributes to the original “Cremonese” Stradivarius. Lab tested using the Hutchins plate tuning method, including density matching on top and back,  arching/thickness/graduation acoustically tuned for max projection and resonance. Golden orange brown pristine varnish with Italian ground coat. Phenomenal power and projection that sings with a bold dimensional tone, highly projective open and even voice across the strings! Easy to push while taking great bow pressure, speaks with great warmth and clarity as the audio performance clip represents. A superb example of great modern work that delivers the classic Stradivarius tone quality.