Private Stock Individual Edition #212 Guarneri del Gesu 1744 “Ole Bull”


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** Individually made instrument by our senior luthier Allen Wong, under supervision of our award winning luthier Wayne Zhou.
** Copy of Guarneri del Gesu 1744 “Ole Bull”, 353 mm body length. Compact playability, punchy deep tone.
** Same tonewood treatment and acoustically tuned as our award winning violins
** 25-30 yrs old Italian Spruce and Bosnian maple.
**Deluxe ebony fitting, Peter Infiled strings, Aubert deluxe bridge. Bridge and sound post are acoustically tuned for optimal tonal performance.


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Introducing the private stock individually made, personal instruments by our senior luthier, under supervision of award-winning luthier Wayne Zhao. Maker profile: Allen Wong, who has been trained under of Wayne Z for over a decade, specialized in plate tuning and varnishing. Each violin goes through same making process as our award-winning violins, from tone wood selection and preparation/treatment, arching design, graduation, and varnish. The result: phenomenal sounding and looking violin that contains powerful projection and complex tone, with serious and artistic workmanship..

Powerful, warm, rich and deep tone. Having the “butter” sound as one would expect from an elite level instrument. Made after the 1744 “Ole Bull” Guarneri del Gesu, 25-30 yrs old Italian spruce and Bosnian maple, going through same wood treatment as our competition level violins. 353 mm body length that delivers super playability without being too small, punchy powerful projection with clear and rich tone color. Acoustically tuned plates as our award-winning violins for fast and dynamic response, that allows the player controlling vibrato at ease. A sonorous, singing violin can easily fill a recital hall. Excellent choice for violin performance major students or professionals in need of a serious sounding violin that can be used for both solo recital and orchestral works.

A great chance to own an individually, professionally built instrument with serious workmanship and recital ready tone, again at our maker direct/musicians friendly price.