Private Stock VSA Custom Made Guarneri del Gesu 1743 “Cannone” Exact Copy


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**Individual award winning luthier work: multi award winning record for VSA tone and workmanship ( 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 )
**Gold medalist of A.N.L.A.I International violin making competition.
**Exact Copy of original 1743 Guarneri del Gesu “Cannone” 
**40 yrs aged Italian spruce and Bosnian maple.
** Premium hand applied oil varnish with antique pattern attributes to the original “Cannone” del Gesu. Aubert deluxe bridge. Evah Pirazzi strings

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The very finest tonewood material crafted by our award winning luthier ( 2012 VSA Silver Merit for tone ), in all effort to reduplicate the original 1743 “Cannone” del Gesu: 40 yrs old Italian spruce and Bosnian maple with ascending flame pattern and width, attributes to the original including the antiqte wear pattern. Finest oil varnish ( 3 months drying time ) and Italian aged ground coat, for optimal visual as well tonal result.

The “Cannone” tone as the audio clips represents:  deep/dark, robust voice with superior power and projection. Warm dark tone in lower register with the depth that soloist demands, yet highly responsive even with light bow stroke. Highly vibrant “moving” tone as the player can physically feel the resonance from the body instantly, with a warm deep voice at the ear and projective in distance. The ultimate “Cannone” del Gesu replica for both acoustic design as well appearance, at the price musicians can afford.

This is the “upgraded” version of our already popular Private Stock VSA, which have been used by professionals and serious collectors worldwide: now featuring even higher graded tone wood as well finer workmanship, by competition winning luthier at maker direct price.